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I have nothing in game, I need to download CC again

supertrapb0lous - Not too big, but big enough to not be able to find my size on many sports shop or lingerie shops. They are 100D, but in Spain it’s a rare size, so not many lingerie shops or sports shops have that size, it’s a normal-big size, not super big but big enough. In other sizing will be (I think) EU 85D, UK 38D, and US 38C. I have some loose sports bra to wear when I’m at home, but they are soft material so they won’t work for running and bouncing haha.

misstiikeri - There are not many sports shop in my city, but the ones I went to didn’t have my size, or if they do the bras are not correctly made for big breasts, they are of soft material and they hold nothing haha. yeah I was thinking of wearing two, one more firm and the other more loose to double the subjection.

captainyjamas - I’m looking at the shop, but I will have to buy it online we don’t have that shop here haha

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oH yeah we know that

Any girl out here with big boobies who does running?

I have a question about sports bra for girls with big ones. I can’t find one that holds and doesn’t leave me breathless.
I’m going to start running with my mom and my biggest fear is that I won’t be able to find a sports bra that will keep my boobies in place without pain.
Any suggestion?

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Just thought it was beautiful

Liv is the most gorg sim I’ve ever made, god I love her.

Boop! Here you have some eyeliners I made, as always THEY ARE NOT PERFECT.

The eyeliners are in the eyeliner section, and have only one channel. They have thumbnails!

They are available for your male and female sims from teen to elder (I haven’t tried them on men, so they may not work as spected)

Don’t be a dick and don’t reupload it to free or paysites, edit it or claim as your own

They only work with some type of eye shapes!




I have no clue what to do next… freckles and moles are always a good choice, but you have any idea of different things? some specific kind of makeup that hasn’t been done… something like that? or body makeup (accessory tattoos or something like that) if I get my tablet to work maybe new eyebrows! tell me if you have any specific face details you want in your game, only suggestions because I need to know if I am able to do it haha but feel free to suggest

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whooops i wanna your halloween posts
from Anónimo

I don’t know nonny, I don’t do halloween as a tradition, but I don’t mind it either, maybe I will do something I don’t know D:


I made more things for you xD You can tell I’m in a creating spiral!

(In case you didn’t notice I don’t use Comic Sans because I like it, it’s just a joke… and it’s an easy presentation to do… eeeeeeh I said nothing shhh)

The freckles have 2 channels, one for the big freckles and one for the small/less visible freckles.

The moles only have 1 channel.

All of them are located in the blush category, they have thumbnails!

They are all available for female and male and teen to elder. However I don’t know if they look as good for other age groups apart from YA since I made them with the YF UV Map.

I will make more because it’s so fun! But now I want to focus in eyebags or eyebrows!

Don’t be a dick and don’t reupload it to free or paysites, edit it or claim as your own.



Sorry for the delay, added a BOX MIRROR

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Made new skin for Liv 

Tweaked her a bit, but not too much because I’m always pleased with her face so I don’t want to mess up a lot.

how can u be so beautiful

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Finally I’m at home! After an exhausting moving, I’m at my lovely computer (who was empty, and I had to gather my old CC again) I have almost everything I had, and I’m testing some new things

anyway you can put your stuff on mediafire? :( I love your stuff but cant download it
from Anónimo

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been busy. Yeah yeah I will I’m not on my computer (I’m on my mom’s laptop) so I will put them asap, sorry

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Thanks jewelsnsims for tagging me!

"You can tell a lot about a person from their music. Hit shuffle on your Ipod, MP3 Player, etc. and put the first 10 songs! One rule, no skipping! Tag 10 people and pass it on!”

  1. Summertime Sadness - Lana Del Rey
  2. All Of Me - John Legend
  3. Sex Yeah - Marina…

Thanks Jordan for tagging me, been busy this week and last one, I’m so bored! haha <3

"You can tell a lot about a person from their music. Hit shuffle on your Ipod, MP3 Player, etc. and put the first 10 songs! One rule, no skipping! Tag 10 people and pass it on!”

  1. Portal 2 Volume 3 - Cara Mia Addio
  2. Gorillaz - California & The Slipping of the Sun
  3. Dishonored - Honor for all (Jon Licht & Daniel Licht)
  4. Queen - Another one bites the dust
  5. 30STM - From Yesterday
  6. Chali XCX - You (Ha Ha Ha)
  7. Gorillaz - Detroit
  8. Gorillaz - The Joplin Spider
  9. Fiona Apple - Pure Imagination
  10. Gorillaz - Revolving Doors

I tag zaumasushisims, simified, mystic-sim, clonesimsclones, chipmunksims, simuko, plumbponette I don’t know who else to tag, I’m not too friendly with much people, sorry about that, it’s just that I like being alone haha you don’t have to if you don’t want (this should be a rule)

I’ve been on a reform at my home. I’ve thrown my old desk, and many of my things I no longer used. Finally, I have a fairly large desk where my cat can be without bothering me (sorry the mess xD)

Sorry the bad quality, my phone sucks 

I’m on mobile, personal stuff

Today I was supposed to have a great day. My friends came to visit me, we went out, had some time together, fun time. After some time I had enough of “outside time” I took the bus and went home. You may remember me telling you sime times how is my mom. All the mental illnesses she has, and how she treats me during her times. Its hard, so hard. Imagine you borrow a book from a friend, then imagine your mother breaks the book without a reason, you ask her to at least give you the money that book costs to give it to your friend, then she refuses, insulting you and telling you “no, you are the one that broke it” and thats it, you cant do nothing about it, you are wrong and shes right. if you reply, she punishes you and if you stay quiet she does it too because you deserve it. i cant wait to be all by myself i hate my life