When you have a clear idea of a sim in mind and s/he doesn’t came up as expected…

This feeling sucks

Happening with Kanta right now. She’s not good enough, not how I imagined her, and the worst is that I think that other people in here will be capable of making her the way I want, because I’ve seen similar sims on here but arg so stressing, at least for me that I’m a stupid perfectionist that if she’s not 100% excellent I won’t post her, you don’t know how many (good and bad) sims I’ve thrown to the rubbish just because I felt like they weren’t good enough, now I think about some of them and I think some were pretty good, but they are gone now~
and also i’ve started school and I’m already stressed and I’m losing my hair like crazy and I don’t know why, like lots of hair, full hair, horrible

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For HQ click the picture

New sim, Kanta.

She’s still a wip, as all my sims hahaha

personal thingy GoT related

Theory/Spoilers down here I guess…

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Are you gonna make cc for sims 4? I will love it :,)
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I don’t have TS4 and I don’t plan on having it anytime soon, I’m just not really interested. Sure the CC is lovely, but for me it lacks that warm feeling all the other sims have, idk, maybe it’s just me, so no, I don’t think I’m going to do it.

How do you get the edges of your sims to not be jagged at all when taking pictures?
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Well, I have a nice graphic card, I enable smooth edges in game, and I use a HQ Mod

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I made this blush.

It’s supposed to be a “slightly sunburn” blush haha.

I need to retouch it a bit on the nose area because the “strings” were supposed to be thicker, not so thin, but otherwise I’m happy I worked so hard on the damn cheeks T3T 

Yeah thanks, those are perfect <3

Any clue why aWT eyeball sliders aren’t working on my game?

I have a core mod that allows more than 100 sliders, but the iris and pupil (the only ones I use) aren’t working…

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For HQ click the picture (if Tumblr doesn’t mess up)

I know, I know, I overuse this pose, and this angle for her. But I finally finished her body (I will post pic later)

And this top makes her breasts justice.

do you ever play with daphne? when i first started simblr, you were one of the first people i followed and you inspired me a lot :)
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I don’t play with Daphne, I still have her, buit I need to tweak her because god she looks so ugly now hahaha

Could you make Gwendolyn Valley public, pretty please? It's just so beautiful! :D
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I don’t have the files on my computer anymore

OMG! You have Bflysims Hair 134! Do you mind sharing the file? :)
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I got it from mysims3blog hahaha

where did you get your theme?
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Aaaaaaaaaah mmmmmmmh I think there’s a button on the bottom of my page where it links you to the creator but I can’t seem to find it and I don’t remember sorry

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Left is my new Liv version

Right one is the old one

I wasn’t sure about what body type give her, I was debating between inverted triangle, or pear… because I think that Liv with wide shoulders looks great. Anyway still a long road to the final version, I reduced her hips but I plan on give her bigger thighs and more fat all over the body. Also now she’s more proportionate, her head is smaller (about this, does anyone know a neck sliders to make it thinner without messing up with the head? thanks <3) Also I need to retouch the body details, I like the older version better on the legs and chest. And some more things but pretty happy with her right away haha