I want to do the Bachelor/Bachelorette challenge sdfgdh

But I don’t know if I want a guy or a girl mmm I’m into guy making now but idk

And idk if people will be willing to make guys/girls for me haha

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Choices, choices, choices…

I want to play sims but also want to watch some series.
In the anime hand, I have many choices, from re-watching animes or watching new ones… I’m the kind of person who likes re-watching more than watching something new, even knowing that the new stuff can make me feel new things…
So, in the anime hand I have the option to re-watch Death Note, or watch Hellsing (Never watched) I watched like last night (lol seriously) Deadman Wonderland, it was nice. I like this kind of anime, cyberpunk… horror, seinen with a post-apocalyptic thematic, with mystery or drama… Any recommendations?
Aaaand in the series one I want to re-watch The Office US, or watch The Office UK (which I never watched) or Prison Break (never watched too) ooooor Breaking Bad.
The re-watch feeling is so strong in me… I don’t know why I just enjoy feeling the same in different times, with different perspectives and all… I don’t know what to do…

Will you ever upload you sims????
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Eze looks good on Mamyrocker’s skin but he doesn’t look the teddy bear he’s supposed to be :/

I’m like super sure with my females skins but with the males I feel like they are too plain, or too glossy.

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For HQ click the picture

Thank you Hiemal ♥ I think I abuse blue in my pics… Not feeling too inspired today, the new Darko hair is perfect for Eze, I will try it ihsdbfsdf

I need to find another way to make my pics, with wallpaper or something, I’m tired of basic haha

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For HQ click the picture

Surprisingly he suits this hair, it makes him look so damn cute.

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In Polish version “Bella Squared” is called “Łucja Kwadratowa”, what means “Lucy Squared”. Maxis, how dare you…!

In Spanish Bella Goth is Elvira Lápida which is awfull because it means “Elvira Gravestone” All the Goths are the Lápida in game, not to mention all names are changed, idk why they do that :/

im guessing it was bc they wanted an equivalent of ‘goth’ as in dark, gloomy, related to death, and ‘gravestone’ was the closest spanish equivalent they could find…? I’m guessing you don’t have a word for gothic/goth in Spanish? or maybe one that could work as a surname. they could have left it alone altogether, but then the family name wouldn’t have related to the family itself. tbh I’m glad they stopped doing that. goth was fine, it’s a lovely name actually, but others like dreamer or oldies were just too obvious for me to ever like

The weird thing is that we do have a word and it’s so close to the original - Gothic - Gótico. They could’ve used Bella which in spanish is Isabel, so Isabel Gótico, will be closer than Elvira which is a complete new name and Lápida which yes, it’s the dead and gothic stuff but still, I think personal should keep original, but those were other times hahaha

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I think I look reeeally strange in this pic, nice but weird xD Also omg don’t mind my eyebags… and the hearts on my knuckles

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  1. I edited the Graphic Rules file in the Fun with Pets folder from the Ultimate Collection game. You need to find the resolutions $Low $Mediumidklow $Medium $High and change the low for the medium ones, set all the forcelowresolution to false and that’s pretty much all!
  2. Nope, just the base game, double deluxe counts as base game too
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aw man, the cc in this game

btw this is Rita, I will try to make her in s3

Geez I’m stupid

I forgot how s2 CC is installed, and with the ultimate collection I’m even more lost.

How do you do it? I mean the install route, did I need a new Resource? God, sorry, I tried looking at google for answers but I get into useless webs

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Added a playlist on my tumblr, it’s not autoplay don’t worry!

Some of my favorite songs not all of them I need to look at my ipod

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I’m with the pill, but I still need to take painkillers

I thought that taking the pill will make me a happy tampon-commercial lady, it did, the first year tho. Even knowing that the pain is far away from the pain I had without taking the pill (I fainted sometimes, and I couldn’t do shit, just curl in my bed with a heat blanket and cry) Still hurts, but I’m one of those lucky ladies that their period only lasts like 3 days, so I’m going to chill to see if this goes away.

let me see your nipples
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i bet you have pink nipples
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this is the weirdest ask I ever had