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lol old times
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Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥

aaaaaaaaaaaaaarg i hate you cdfvlidsfboldfbh

Okay, but they will be about my sims in general since my sweetie Noah was already explained by the lovely thecnih

Mmmm let’s see;

  1. On my very first beggining I had a sim based on Violet E. named Virginia. She looked like she was on drugs all time hahaha
  2. I have one little family, Maddie, Ulrich lil’ Samantha and Alexander who are one of the actual families I enjoyed playing, they were so so random and I kind of want them back.
  3. Most of my sims are only child, maybe because I’m like that too.
  4. My very first family in the sims (TS2) were a single mom with one kid of every stage. One toddler, one child and one teenager, all females xD
  5. I want big families but I can’t stand too many sims, so I always play with my favorite and let the others be by themselves, if they die or get difficulties I just don’t care. I will be a terrible mom xD

I just don’t have any more info right now I can’t remember xD

Stopping by to tell you I love your sims, but I want to know more! List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ♥

omg this is so bad because my sims don’t actually have a backstory or anything but well I’ll do something, let’s think….

For example;

  1. My sim Liv was made in less than 15 minutes, yep she was really quick to made.
  2. My sim Noah is actually inspired by a model I fell in love in a perfume ad.
  3. I have two styles I feel comfortable with, one is more cartoony and the other one is more personal. Liv is one of my personal and Tea is more of my cartoony style.
  4. Most of my male sims are my ideal boy type. Noah is a perfect example for this.
  5. And the last one, I use my sims as a creative outlet and I get bored of them SO EASILY, so I tend to create new sims all the time.

I know it’s not about my favorite sims buuuuut like I said I get bored so easily so I don’t actually have favorites, right now my favorite is Liv, but maybe in some weeks I already forgot her hahaha

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This is a WIP for a friend, but idk she’s not like I imagined her in my head.
trash can
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For HQ click the picture
This was going to the trash can but I thought, why not give it a try?
She’s beautiful so… here you have more Liv spam! xD
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Fixed my problem! I had merged an outdated Progression mod with a big file of cc merged >3<

Thanks to you all!

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Well, this is what I&#8217;ve been doing these days.
I&#8217;ve been sooooooo off because of this piece of shit THAT IS DRIVING ME F*CKING CRAZY #@!!!¬!!!!!@#
Thanks to my BELOVED MASTER Zauma I&#8217;m learning how to create hair.
This is my first one T3T don&#8217;t be mean plsplspls 
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omg finally I&#8217;ve been able to open my game!
She&#8217;s the only thing I have inside lol
Happy to see her face again ;3;
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Haha XD just trying..
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Friendly reminder that Different Types of Simblrs list is garbage. Which we established last year when it came out…

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