I’m pretty proud of myself right now, not always happens haha I assumed my stretch marks. This is a super personal post but this complex got me really sad so many years. I’m so proud that I don’t care anymore. And this is for all the people that have the same complex, it doesn’t matter, everyone has at least 1 stretch mark, sorry I felt like saying this right now haha

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  1. pelicanness ha dicho: <3
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  3. thecnih ha dicho: I have them too and am insecure about them…but what can I do? They are there and they are staying. XD Glad I’m not the only one with the problem
  4. kosmokhaos ha dicho: Lol I’m proud you don’t worry about them. I have them and my boyfriend loves them. Just goes to show you don’t have to have a lot of fat or be a mom to have stretch marks.
  5. eadan ha dicho: I’ve had stretch marks ever since I was a little girl, because I grew so quickly. ;_; They’ve always bothered me. I’m glad you’re able to feel comfortable with them though.
  6. simmysimsam ha dicho: I went through a growth spurt when i was younger and I have them on my thighs :) doesn’t bother me. And if it bothers anyone else, at least u know that those people aren’t worth your company ^_^
  7. shokoninio ha dicho: :D Con tu mensaje me hiciste sentir mejor, yo soy un chico y también tengo estrías xD Gracias por este mensaje! Me alegra que te ames tal como eres :3 un ABRAZOTE! C:
  8. simst3r ha dicho: I’m a mother of 2 and I look like a tiger. They are called my ‘battle scars’. Lol ;)
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